• ~The Outspoken Observer~
  • By Mark Koch
  • 2/5/18
  • That Day
    Time holds for not a one. The moon constant in chase of the sun. The stars continue to sparkle and shine. Set in motion by the hands of the divine. Yet a moment not long ago. The heavens fell ceasing the steady flow. 
    Within a blink all seemed to stop very still. I lost all fight, freely released my will.  
    Swallowed down into the darkened abyss. Caring not at all that which would be a miss.
    Falling further deeper down. Screaming silent whispers, how deafening that noiseless sound.
    Reaching for a hand to grab and be saved. Not  a single uttered goodbye, not much even a solemn wave. Loneliness my only friend to confide and keep. Soul shattered like glass, to broken to weep. 
    Over the edge had I stumbled and fell. The pain grew to massive a swell. If only a dream, I could rise and wake. Yet this reality I now had  to take. No way around or back could I go. The price already paid to view the show. Faith lost and the flames of hope all but extinguished. All that was known had to be relinquished. 
    Far off course did my travels stray. Not once had I found myself ever off in such a way. The consequence great with no guarantee. Prayed  for mercy with one final plea. Then as if by magic all came to be. Another day I come to see. All became clear in my mind. What once was lost, I had come to find. A strength found deep down in. One of courage with a force to win. 
    Now I scribe my trials of that day. In hope that others are deterred away.  No one should come to chose between death or life. Nor suffer much pain, that has become the rife.
    I know what it feels to be blind and lost. Just  to be free no matter the cost. I will never forget that day. I almost departed and went away. 
    The Return
    I tore the veil between the Worlds, that of life and that of spirit. I walked through unabated, fearless. The screams of the dead resonated to my very Soul. I faced both my destiny and my doom, as if gazing upon my reflection in polished glass. The dead wailing for life, could but watch my passing through the gates.
    Envious that I walked amongst them, knowing I would return to the physical world. 
    The fires of purgatory burned around my being. The flames lapped and licked upon my flesh yet did not burn. The icy touch of the soulless chilled me to the bone. I was a mortal amongst the immortal, for I still consumed breath interwoven with the breathless. 
    I reached the thrones of the gods. Ancient wisdom seaped from their very presence. I knelt before the holy, and the blessed Saints.  There upon my knees, as tears fell from my heart. I prayed for mercy and forgiveness, as the Lord's of the Heavens, conversed my fate amongst the stars.  I asked to remain at peace, for this was dismissed. "You have travelled through purgatory with courage and bravery none before seen by man," their voices clapped like thunder.
    "Yet if you remain the fates of others shall be forever changed without your presence, that which is, and that which was, and what shall be, will never come to pass. Worlds will cease to exist, stars will collapse, time forever changed. For now is not your time, before our presence."
    "You must return to the World that which you reside of. Your very own destiny has yet to be fulfilled. Your pain will subside, the hurt shall heal, and within this process you will find that all that weight you are burdened to carry, shall make you strong. All the experience bestowed upon your soul was, and is, necessary for your fate."
    "Away child, back ye travel to where you reside. All will be shown to you, that which must be done. Follow your guides, signs will be given for you to see. Fear not, for you have faith and hope.  Let those things guide you on your travels from here on out. Let those illuminate the darkness and shadows, that envelop you. For all will be known in due time."
    For breath was returned to my lungs and life began to flow from my heart. All that I bore witness of appeared to be but a dream, for I awoke from my lifeless slumber, and began a new. Not many are blessed to return from that which man fears the most. Yet here I be, to share the gift that was given to me. Here I be, to become what fate intends.