~Innocence Lost ~ 

By Mindy Beazer



Chapter Thirteen

 Rising from his desk in his office in Colorado Dmitry greeted Lenore Anderson shaking her hand. She been flown into Denver from Spokane and was completely out of sorts. Strange men had appeared at her door. They had told her that she needed to come with them. And that it was about Katie. But that was it! She had no idea what this was about? She had flown into Denver with the men and spent the night in a lavish hotel room. All expenses paid for by a Dmitry Daratrazanoff. She had never heard of him and couldn’t imagine a connection between him and Katie. She took a seat across from Dmitry’s desk feeling uneasy. He was very handsome, and appeared to be very rich she thought as her eyes moved over him. Her eyes than moved over the two men standing behind him Feeling uncomfortable her eyes shifted back to Dmitry.


“Mrs. Anderson I want to thank you for coming.” Dmitry said as he sized her up.


“They said this had something to do with Katie?” She asked not one to beat around the bush.


“It does. I spent some time with you’re daughter in L.A. She’s very beautiful.” He told her. When she remained silent he continued. “We spent quite a bit of time together.” He paused. 


“You’ve been spending time with my daughter? I don’t understand! How is it that you even know her? Are you a friend of Jaci’s?” She asked.

 “No, I met her through my brother.” He answered. “He met your daughter at a beach party.”


“Beach party?” She mumbled. What was Katie doing at a beach party? “Why did you bring me here? Has something happened Katie?” She asked impatiently.


“Katie is pregnant with my child.” Dmitry decided to be blunt. He didn’t have time for a lengthy discussion.


“What?” The color drained from Lenore’s face. “No!” She said as she shook her head. “That’s impossible she hasn’t even been gone a week.


“I’m sorry Ma’am but it’s true.” Dmitry responded.


“She’s only sixteen, and you’re…” She was at a loss for words her mind was numb.


“Twenty-two.” He supplied. “I’m truly sorry about this.”


“You’re sorry?” Lenore replied. “You had no right to touch my daughter, she’s only sixteen.


“I know how you must be feeling Mrs. Anderson, but I assure you Katie will be well cared for.” He told her she looked ready to explode. 


“I never should have let her go to L.A. I knew it was a mistake.” She said her temper boiling over. “I should have known that little slut couldn’t be trusted.” She stated causing Dmitry to stiffen.


“Mrs. Anderson I would like you’re permission to marry Katie.” He pressed on.

 “That’s out of the question she’s only sixteen. She’ll have to have an abortion.” Lenore replied.


“I don’t think so. She’s carrying my baby and I don’t intend to let anything happen to it.” Dmitry stated. 


“Tough! She’s not going to have the baby and I intend have you brought up on rape charges.” She threatened. She was going to kill Katie when she got a hold of her.


“Be reasonable Mrs. Anderson.” Dmitry told her with a sigh. “I know this is a shock, but please listen. “My family is very wealthy you’re daughter would be well cared for.” 

 “Save it! I don’t care how much money you have!” She said holding up a hand. “My answer is no.” She rose to her feet intending to leave.


“Mrs. Anderson you’re daughter will be able to have anything she wants if she marries me. I fail to see why you would refuse?” Dmitry was baffled. Women had been throwing their daughters at him for years in hopes he would marry them. “My family is worth Billions.” He added it was possible the woman was unfamiliar with his family. “I’ll make it worth you’re while.” He said when she started to walk away. “Just tell me how much?” He asked removing a check book from his pocket.


“I don’t want you’re money!” Lenore stiffened turning to glare at him.


“How much is it going to cost for you to say yes?” Everyone had a price he thought as he wrote out a check.


“How dare you!” She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He was offering to buy her daughter!


“How does two million dollars sound?” He tore the check from his check book and held it out to her. She stared at the check for a moment before walking towards him to take the check. She proceeded to tear the check up and toss it onto the floor with a cold smile. 


“You’re making a mistake.” Dmitry told her with a frown.


“My daughter won’t be marrying you. Something you should be thankful for. My daughter’s not fit to be you’re wife. She’s unstable! She spent a week in a psych ward after she tried to kill herself. Trust me you don’t want to have anything to do with her. I’ll make sure she has an abortion.” She told him and was pleased to see the shock that briefly registered on his face. She turned and walked toward the door.


“This isn’t over Mrs. Anderson I urge you to reconsider, because one way or another I will get you’re daughter.” He threatened his face darkening. She

exited his office slamming the door on her way out. Picking up the phone he dialed Leonid.


“Leonid!” He answered he was seated at the kitchen table with the other guards.


“I want you to do a more thorough back ground check on Katie Anderson, I want to know everything there is to know about her and her family.” He ordered.


“Sure Boss.” Leonid said before hanging up the phone.


In his office a frustrated Dmitry leaned back in his chair. Things hadn’t gone as he expected. He had wanted to get this all taken care of. Lenore’s refusal complicated things. And he was disturbed by the things she had revealed about her daughter. If what she said was true he had a much bigger problem on his hands. He needed to take a much closer look at Katie.




Katie was pacing the floor in her room. Her head was filling with unpleasant questions about Dmitry? Why had he sent her away? Was he trying to get rid of her? And than there was her Mom, when she finds out I’m pregnant, she’ll throw me out. What am I going to do? How will I survive? What if Dmitry doesn’t want me or our baby? With doubts clouding her mind Katie decided she needed to get to her Grandma. She knew she could depend on her to help her. But how do I get out of here? The guards are still downstairs. Eyeing the window Katie decided to try to escape through it. She needed a rope. After giving it some thought she stripped the sheets off the bed, and tied them together. She tied the end to a large dresser located near the window. Tossing the sheets through the open window she prayed for the courage to climb down. Slowly she eased out the window and began to climb down praying the sheets would hold. She made it to the bottom. Inside the guards were, playing poker to kill time. She snuck around the back of the house and made a run for it. She was swallowed up by the darkness.


Leonid was dealing cards when his phone rang. “Leonid here!”


“Leonid, how’s Katie doing?” Dmitry asked worry apparent in his tone. The quip about Katie trying to kill herself was making him nervous.


“She’s upstairs resting Boss, stop worrying.” Leonid replied.


“Look Leonid I got a bad feeling, something’s wrong, let me talk to Katie.”


“Sure Boss, I’ll go check.” Leonid carried the phone upstairs and knocked on Katie’s door. No response the hairs went up on the back of his neck. Pushing

the door open, Leonid noted the open window and what looked like the sheets twisted into a rope and draped out the window. “Shit!”


“What’s going on?” Dmitry questioned him.


“She’s gone Boss.” Leonid answered reluctantly.


“What?” Dmitry asked unable to believe it. Christ! Everything was going to hell!

“It looks like she tied the sheets together and went out the window. Leonid answered assessing the situation. “Don’t worry, will track her down Boss, she can’t get too far on foot.”


“It’s the middle of the night and she’s out wandering in the darkness. And I shouldn’t worry! What if she falls and hurts herself, she’s pregnant. You were supposed to keep an eye on her!” Dmitry raged in frustration and fear.


“I’m sorry Boss; I never thought she would go out a second story window.” Leonid answered calmly.


“Why would she take off, did you say or do something that scared her?” Dmitry demanded.


“No Boss, but she did get upset over the phone thing.” Leonid answered thinking back.


“What phone thing?” Dmitry asked in exasperation.


“I caught her talking to someone on the phone so I took the phone out of her room. I didn’t want anyone tracing her call.” Leonid answered defending his actions.


“Christ, who was she talking to? If she told her family where she’s at, than Dima probably knows, he knows her cousin Jaci. Look Leonid, find her, and find her quick. I’m on my way; I’ll be there in an hour.”


“Don’t worry Boss, will find her.” Leonid assured Dmitry before clicking the phone off. His eyes moved about the room, looking for anything she might have taken. A quick check showed that all of her clothes were accounted for. She hadn’t even taken the fur coat or emerald necklace, both of which were worth a small fortune. Leonid picked up her purse from the nightstand. A quick search showed that she had taken her I.D, and what little money she had. She wouldn’t get far on what little she had. He was relieved that the Boss’s girl didn’t have the means to disappear. But there was another more serious problem. Katie was out there in the cold with only a light jacket, and no flashlight. So she was blind to danger, and would probably fall and break her neck. Hopefully the girl had

headed for the road; if she followed it she would be okay. But than on the roadway she might try hitchhiking and that could be just as dangerous as wandering about in the woods. Heading downstairs Leonid gathered the other guards, and explained the situation. No one was happy to hear that Katie had escaped. 


“We don’t have much time; the Boss is on his way here. I don’t have to tell you that it would be good if we could get her back before he gets here. She’s out there in the dark, wandering about blindly. It’s only a matter of time before she gets hurt or worse.” Leonid pointed out. “She means a lot to the Boss, so it’s our asses if something happens to her. So get out there and find her, before it’s too late.” Leonid ordered. The guards quickly split into two teams, the first team taking the roads. They took two Dodge pickups so as to cover the road in both directions. Leonid waited at the house for Dmitry to arrive in a chopper.  He was standing on the porch when he saw headlights headed toward the house. At first he’s relieved because he thinks his men have found Katie. But as the lights get closer he realizes that their not Dodge lights, but ford explorer lights. The explorers pull up to the house. Leonid holds his position on the porch. He doesn’t have to guess about whom is in the explorers, he knows Dima has found them. So when Dima jumps from the explorer Leonid doesn’t even blink in surprise. Leonid watched as Dima stormed toward him, backed up by several well armed friends. 


“I’ve come for Katie, where is she?” Dima demanded getting into Leonid’s face.


“She’s not here.” Leonid answered not backing down from his position.


“Bull shit, we know she’s here. We traced a call to this house.” Dima replied in anger.


“She’s gone, if you don’t believe me search the house.” Leonid answered stepping aside to allow them to search the house. 


Dima and his friends head into the house, searching every room. When they get to Katie’s room they see her clothes. Dima takes in the fur coat and emerald necklace with disgust, so he had lured her with gifts. Just like his brother to throw his money about. There was no sign of Katie. Had Dmitry moved her already? But why leave her clothes behind? He is still puzzling over this when he sees the sheet leading out the window. What the hell, she must have climbed down the sheet to escape. Calling his friends Dima headed downstairs. “She climbed out the window, and took off.” Dima stated. For the first time he realized that the rest of Dmitry’s security detail was missing. “The other guys are out searching for her, why aren’t you?” Dima asked.


“I’m waiting for the Boss.” Leonid figured there was no sense in lying.


“Dmitry’s coming here to search for her?” Dima questioned but didn’t wait for an answer. “Come on we’ve got to find her before Dmitry does.” Dima tells his friends heading for the door.


Leonid watched them get into their cars, and drive off. For such a small girl she was causing big trouble. For the first time in his service to Dmitry, Leonid was about to disobey an order. The stakes were getting to high, they needed help. Pulling out his phone Leonid punched in a number he thought he would never need.


“Dino here,” Dino answered. He listened as Leonid filled him in on what had taken place.


“Dino you better tell Mr. Daratrazanoff what’s going on. If Dmitry and Dima collide it’s going to be bad for them, and worse for that poor girl.” Leonid said he hated going behind Dmitry’s back. But it was for his own good, he needed his Father’s help even if he couldn’t see it.


“I’ll tell Mr. Daratrazanoff, you did good calling us Leonid.” Dino replied before hanging up.


They were seated on the Daratrazanoff 747. Sergei was trying to work, but couldn’t seem to concentrate do to his worry. Everything seemed to be sliding out of his control. Frustrated Sergei hurled the contract in his hands across the plane. It landed at Dino’s feet. “Sorry to disturb you Sir, but Leonid just called. He’s got a bad situation. Katie has disappeared.”


“What? So he did have her?” Sergei commented in disgust. Dmitry had gone too far this time..


“She crawled out the window; the guards most have spooked her. It gets worse. Dima traced a call to the house where they were staying. He and some of his friends showed up there but left when they found Katie gone. They’re out searching for her too. Dmitry is on his way there to help search for her. Leonid feels that it will make for a very explosive situation if they happen to cross paths.”


“Christ, what a mess. Talk to the men. We’ve got to find that girl before something happens to her. If Dmitry finds her, he’s going to run with her. If that happens there’s no telling what Dima will do. Not to mention we’ve got armed guards and friends headed for a collision, someone could be badly hurt or worse.” Sergei pointed out. He watched as Dino disappeared down a hallway leading to the back of the plane.


“We’ve got a situation boys. Katie has run away from Dmitry’s security detail. They’re out searching for her right now. So are Dima and a group of his

friends. I don’t have to tell you that this is a dangerous situation. Both sides are well armed. I want you boys to find that girl and bring her to the ranch.” Dino ordered.


“What do we do if we run into Dmitry or Dima?” A.J asked dreading the very idea.


“Try to avoid contact with them, but if you run into them be honest. Tell them Mr. Daratrazanoff sent you out to help search for the girl.” Dino instructed. “If and when you spot her, you grab her and bring her directly to the ranch.” Dino ordered. He split the men up into teams, each team concentrating on a specific area. 


Meanwhile Dmitry’s chopper was landing near the farm house. As soon as the chopper set down Dmitry jumped out. Bending down to avoid the blades Dmitry walks toward Leonid who is waiting nearby.


“Any word?” Dmitry asked.


“No Sir, nothing yet.” Leonid answered absently. Should I tell him about Dima? He wondered quietly.


“She couldn’t have gotten very far on foot. Maybe she flagged someone down for a ride.” Dmitry reasoned.


“No Sir, she didn’t take the road. We found some footprints in the pasture. She took the pasture, must have figured we’d check the road. It’s easier to hide in a pasture.” Leonid informed him.


“Christ she’s out in the pasture, wandering around in the dark. What if she falls into a hole or ditch?” Dmitry asked in horror.


“As soon, as the sun comes up will get the choppers up, they should be able to spot her.” Leonid said avoiding Dmitry’s question. “There’s another problem Sir, Dima and his friends were here about an hour ago. They traced the phone call Katie made. When they found her gone they went out to search for her.” Leonid supplied reluctantly.


“Great, that’s just what we need.” Dmitry muttered suddenly exhausted.


“I’m sorry Boss, I never figured she’d run or I would have guarded her better.” Leonid apologized.


“It’s not your fault it’s mine. I never should have done this. She must think I’m trying to get rid of her. I handled it wrong.” Dmitry admitted. “We have to find her before my brother dose.” Dmitry said heading toward the waiting chopper.





Out in the darkness Katie is cold and tired. She’s covered in dirt and grime from taking a couple of falls. Her body is one big ache. Seeing a light ahead Katie stumbled toward it. She prayed it was a house, and that someone was home. She needed help; her only thought was to get to her Grandma. She would know what to do. She prayed that the baby was alright, and hadn’t been hurt in the falls. The further she walked the further away the light seemed to get. I’ve been walking forever, how far away is that light? I can’t make it much further. My legs hurt so bad I can hardly move them. I’m so cold! I’m going to freeze to death out here. I should have brought the fur coat Dmitry bought me. It would have kept me warmer than this stupid jacket. How much further is it? Am I even walking in the right direction? I’m lost! I don’t know where I am. Tears of exhaustion filled Katie’s eyes and she fell to her knees. I can’t make it! I give up! What do I care if I freeze to death, my Mom’s going to kill me anyway? Just as she is ready to collapse on the ground and give up she thinks about her baby. If I die so dose the baby, I can’t let the baby die. I have to keep moving, I have to find help. It takes all her will power to make it back onto her feet. Her jeans are soaked from the moisture on the grass, adding to her chill. Her teeth chatter as she again moves toward the light in the distance. Please God help me and my baby. An hour later on the verge of collapse Katie reaches an old farmhouse. Unable to stay on her feet she falls to the ground, but manages to crawl the last couple of feet to the door. The sun is starting to come up when she rings the doorbell, from a crouched position. She only has the strength to ring the bell once before collapsing onto the doormat. She is unconscious when the door opens. The, door is opened by an old rancher, named Willie Adams. He’s startled to find a young woman passed out on his doorstep. He called for his wife Betsy to come quick. He than rolled the girl over, she was so still that Willie thought she was dead at first. He quickly searched and found a faint pulse.


“What is it Willie?” Betsy asked her heart pounding. She had been upstairs when he cried out for her to come quick.


“A young woman, she’s hurt.” Willie answered. “Missy can you hear me.” Willie asked shaking her in an attempt to bring her around. 


“I’m pregnant, my baby…please help me!” Katie moaned before sliding once again into unconsciousness.


“God she’s pregnant Betsy, we’ve got to get her to a Doctor. Stay with her while I get the car.” Willie told his wife as he scrambled to his feet and headed out the door. 

While her husband went for the car Betsy got a quilt from the back of an old sofa and covered the girl who appeared to be half frozen. Willie pulled the car out of an old beat up garage and around the house to where his wife waited with the girl. The old rancher had no problem picking her up in his state of panic.


“Willie your back let me help you!” Betsy cried.


“Don’t worry, just get the car door.” Willie answered grunting as he carried the girl to the car. Betsy quickly opened the back door of their old green sedan. They got her in the back seat and covered her before scrambling into the front seat. They were both early risers and already dressed for the day. They raced down their driveway and onto the road. Willie floored the old car, barely hearing his wife’s cries to slow down. It seemed like hours but they arrived in town in less than thirty minutes. They headed to the town clinic; the small town had no hospital. But the clinic had several rooms with beds. The nearest Hospital was over an hour away, and Willie was afraid the girl wouldn’t last that long. They pulled up to the clinic, which was still dark since it was barely seven am. Willie jumped out of the car and ran to a house nearby where the town Doctor lived. A grumpy old Doctor answered Willie’s pounding.


“What is it Willie?” The Doctor asked already reaching for his coat. He could see from Willie’s expression that it was an emergency. So much for his breakfast he thought.


“I found a girl out cold on my porch; she appears to be hurt real bad. We managed to wake her up long enough for her to tell us that she’s pregnant.” Willie told the Doctor his words stumbling out in a rush.


“Calm down Willie, you’ll give yourself a heart attack. Where’s the girl at?” The Doctor followed Willie out the door not bothering to lock it.


“She’s in our car parked over by the clinic.” Willie answered calming a bit. They walked in silence to the car. Betsy was pacing by the car.


“I’ll get a wheelchair.” The Doctor stated unlocking the front door to the clinic. Moments later all the lights are on and the Doctor wheeled a wheelchair out. Willie and the Doctor placed Katie in the chair, before wheeling her into the clinic. “Willie help me get her up on the table.” The Doctor ordered. “Her clothes are damp, probably has hypothermia.” The Doctor noted out loud. “Do you know her name?” The Doctor asked once she was on the table.


“No she didn’t say.” Willie answered absently scratching his beard.


“Okay go out and wait in the waiting area. When one of my nurses gets here send them right back.” The Doctor said shooing him out of the room and closing the door. The Doctor quickly cuts her damp cloths from her body and

dresses her in a dressing gown. He noted several bad bruises but nothing serious. His biggest concern was hypothermia. He had to get the girls temperature up. The Doctor wrapped her in warm blankets and started an IV, to pump warm fluids into her body.


Willie and his wife are still waiting in the waiting room when the Doctor comes out over an hour later. “How is she Doc?” Willie asked getting to his feet.


“She’ll be okay; she had mild hypothermia so I started a warm IV. Her temperature has gradually started to rise. She’s pretty bruised up, but nothing serious.” The Doctor assured Willie.


“What about the baby?” Betsy asked rising to stand with her husband.


“I don’t know she’s in the very early stages of pregnancy. I can’t say what her condition may have done to the baby. I don’t have the proper equipment for that. I’m going to send her to the Hospital in Denver; they’re sending a chopper for her now.” The Doctor answered. “She hasn’t come around yet so I don’t know who she is. She appears to be pretty young, probably a runaway. I called the Sheriff and gave him a description of the girl, just in case the parents are looking for her. That’s all I can do.” The Doctor said before leaving them.


“Well Betsy I guess we’d better go home.” Willie said to his wife.


“That poor girl!” Betsy said sadly. “I hope she’ll be alright. They walked out to their car and got in, before driving home. When they arrived at their house there was a car parked in their driveway and a young man walked toward their car. Willie rolled down the window.


“Do you folks live here?” Dima asked.


“Yes.” Willie answered.


“I’m looking for a young woman, her name is Katie. She’s about 5”2 and has long blonde hair. I don’t suppose you’ve seen her.” Dima asked hopeful.


“Why yes she showed up here this morning, we took her into town to the clinic she was in a pretty bad way.” Willie answered. “Are you a relative?” Willie asked but Dima had already turned away, and headed back to the car. 


“How odd!”  Betsy stated as the car took off down their driveway.


“I didn’t get the chance to tell him their taking her to Denver.” Willie replied.


“The Doctor will tell them dear.” Betsy said. They pull their car into the garage and get out. They were almost to their front door when another car pulled up. “I wonder who that is.” Betsy asked not recognizing the car. Another young man climbed from the car and approached them.


“Morning, I’m looking for a young woman. You might have seen her; she has blonde hair and blue eyes.” The man asked of them.


“Yes she came to our house this morning, we drove her to the town clinic, she was in a bad way.” Willie answered in wonder.


“Thanks you’ve been very helpful.” The young man started to turn away.


“It’s funny a young man was just here asking about her.” Willie commented.


“Someone else was inquiring about the girl?” The young man asked turning back to them his hackles rising.


“Yes he was just here a few minutes ago.” Willie answered.


“Could you describe him to me?” The man asked.


“Well he was tall, had dark hair.” Willie answered trying to remember.


“Thanks you’ve been very helpful.” The young man replied before rushing to the car. He gets in and pulls out a phone. The driver heads down the driveway. Willie and Betsy are left shaking their heads at the odd behavior.


Leonid and Dmitry are in a chopper searching for Katie when a call comes in over the radio. “Leonid here!”


“Leonid, it’s Yuri, we know where the girl is. She stopped at an old ranch. The couple living there took her to the nearest town and dropped her off at the Doctor’s clinic. The old man said she was in a bad way.” Yuri informed him.


“Thanks we’re on our way.” Leonid told him. Dmitry is listening on another set of headphones and he signals the chopper pilot to head that way.


“There’s more, Dima and his friends got there a few minutes before us.” Yuri stated in a rush.


“Understood, try to catch them.” Leonid instructed.


“Shit.” Dmitry muttered. The chopper heads toward the small town.


Dima and his friends arrive at the clinic. Jumping from the car Dima heads into the building and approaches the reception desk. “Hi, I’m looking for a young woman. Her name is Katie Anderson; I was told that she was brought here this morning.” Dima asked.


“Oh you must mean the Jane Doe.” The nurse answered. “Let me get the Doctor. The Nurse gets up and goes back to find the Doctor, who is at his desk in the office. “Doctor there’s a young man here asking about the Jane Doe.” The Nurse informed the Doctor. The Doctor nodded before getting up to follow the Nurse.


“You’re here about the young woman that came in this morning?” the Doctor asked.


“Yes, how is she? Can I see her?” Dima asked.


“She’s okay, I treated her for hypothermia.” The Doctor replied. “Are you aware that she’s pregnant?” The Doctor asked.


“I knew it was a possibility” Dima replied reluctantly. His heart sank at the news.


“Are you the father?” The Doctor asked.


“No.” Dima replied. “My brother is it’s a long story.” Dima grumbled. “Can I see her?” Dima asked again.


“I’m afraid not, I had her transferred to the hospital in Denver. They left a few minutes ago.” The Doctor replied.


“What?” Dima asked his heart sinking.


“It’s the baby; I don’t have the proper equipment to care for a pregnant woman.” The Doctor answered. Dmitry’s men had arrived in time to hear the last part of the conversation. They’re, followed by Dima’s friends.


“I see thanks anyway.” Dima said before turning to leave. He eyed Dmitry’s guards who were standing behind him. One guard had a phone to his ear and was relaying the info. “Where is my brother?” Dima asked annoyed by their presence.


“Leonid and the Boss are up in a chopper searching.” A guard named Peter answers.


“You told them about Denver didn’t you?” Dima asked Yuri.


“It’s my job Sir.” Yuri answered without emotion.


“Which means, their headed for Denver in a Chopper.” Dima muttered. “Dmitry wins again.”


“Come on guys lets see if we can get to Denver before my brother disappears with her again.” Dima told his friends. They head back to their cars, as do Dmitry’s men. They all head to Denver.




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