By Anita Grave


Hello again,

 I was put in touch with 2 women, one named Pat, the other ? I didn't talk to. They clear land but they charge a lot. I cannot pay them now. They say I have a curse on me. Boy have I heard that before. Anyway they clear the land too. But my friend Mary is bringing her machines that can raise vibrations land and all. But I am not sure about curses.

Nothing is more important than my love life and mostly m and j really screwed that up and I am getting the remains. And for that I will never forgive them. When I find the soul mate, I will find away to take them to court because this has not only been a bad dream but the biggest injustice and ripoff of many people.

You see the real truth is that no one could overtake m. For he was truly of the dark. The other two demons were added props. Just so you know, m and n are trying to sabatoge my new job. That is what I hear from my two friends. 

About 3 months ago it was told to me that a Over 6 ft lumpy anorexic guy looks to m as his idol. M does not know about it. Now I wonder if m is aware of that or does this other odd character support m without him knowing it. This other character lives in Arizona.

There was a lunar eclipse in 7 degrees Gemini and Sagittarius. Last night someone got into the left eye and it became scratchy. Someone who posed as my cousin was trying to kiss me. M?

Wow, about 4am, the witches' hour, I felt a large tsunami hit that put me far from them. I don't want to loose my soul mate only to be replaced by another and I will know. Wow that was very powerful wave. It has run through this house.

Today I have been roller skating and ice skating. Big turn around. Say a prayer that I have 1000 by the 18th.

I mentioned before that my love life is the most important to me and that Janine especially does not want me to meet the man I have been waiting for, for such a long time. My people say she is trying everything to ruin everything with love.

It appears J And M are trying to make me impulsively work in the opposite direction, with a negative twist, to the direction that is meant for me. And there could be a possible contract coming my way.

I don't think m has read the book yet. Soap opera indeed. At the end of the month the book will help. You are right! He tried getting in the left eye last night. Nutcase. As for my friend Sheila in New York, she has been a grave disappointment in all of this. The 18th soon approaches. Anything will help now.

Just to let you know, this ugly little false prophet, Nathan, is doing me a lot of harm romantically and otherwise.



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