Dance It, Speak it, Poet

Here are some more poems for the column!! Happy June to you!! It's Summer!!!!!!!

"The Ditch--Dance Poem"

And when you came out of that ditch to leave the old behind

To step into a new beginning

The renewal of your mind

To dance with joy with all of your heart

To allow your soul to be free

And to get a fresh start


And when I came out of that ditch

My new life began

I went forward sometimes known as Janaran

I got into dance, a saving grace

The fear and sadness turned into

love on my young face


It was sometimes three couples

Partnering we were different sizes

What a mix

And then into rainbow colored unitards called

"Movement For Six"


So many of us together in a row

It was fast, fun and rarely slow

Many costumes and many changes for us

That opening number called "Hostess"


Dancing saved my life for many years

I danced my heart out

And saved thoz tears!


What ever that ditch is for you

For me, for any of us

Who have been there must know

That another life is awaiting for you

to behold

To become your gold

Go to it and be bold!


"When Evil Strikes"

When evil strikes

We don't recognize it at first

But there are signs

of its lurking thirst


As soon as it is near

Your skin raises with fear

Get away as soon as you can

I had been thrown in to a ditch

and raped

with a machette

My name later became Janaran!


No matter what ditch you may be in or have come out of

There is always

another choice and chance

I was so lucky to have survived it

With all my years in

that love affair

With the dance!!


"Red Lips on Lime"

Red lips on lime

Sipping that juice over time

It was her first night of that magnificiant show

A treat from the sev

Soon after did she go

She didn't even wipe her lips clean

She had just danced like a Queen!


Oh thoz dance dayz back then

A few sips of margueritas in thoz cups

How many drinks did we share during second show between ten?

With red lips for each girl

We were ready to smile so wide

And give it our very best twirl!



They were little girls

In this dance

With bows

ruffled dresses

And little white boots

Darling they looked at a glance

So fun to perform it as the audience claps and hoots!


I continue to dream of this number

I so loved to do

Rushing to get ready in the dressing room

With only a minute or two!


My rowmates are always the same

Each one of them always show up

We laugh and run to get on stage

Staying on our dance game


We are dancers working for a living

On a big stage

It was "Hello Hollywood Hello"

My first big dance job

With a good paid wage!


We are middle aged women now

Some of us are housewives, a lawyer

school teacher, a company manager maybe still

One an actress, a stewardess

Raising children or grandchildren

Not one of us

Without a strong will!


Some of us have illness

Fought off cancer

We look forward to more life

remembering we were a dancer!


It was a great run

We had so much fun

These dancing girls with ruffles, boots and bows!

Live it up ladies

We've got many years still

I danced with one of the best rows!!


"Jazz Shoes"

But it's another life

When the jazz shoes go on

With the music

And the beat

Nothing can go wrong!



None of us were shrinking violets

Who went on stage and performed

Putting on make up, fixing one's hair

Stetching out one's body

To get everything warmed


A stance taken

A statement made

Whether we walked, danced, sang, juggled

magicianed, or pirouetted

We all got paid!


Alot of discipline

Alot of hours of preparation

To be  granted the honor

Of that appointed performing life

Of joyous artistry and dedication!

It is the sixth wedding anniversary of my husband Steve and I on June 30th. He has been the most incredible friend, boyfriend and then husband and now life friend in my life. We have known each other 23 years.  I will always be grateful to him for all of the kind things he has done for me.  


"Love Is..."

Love is ecstatic

Enjoy it while you can


Love is challenging

Have patience with it


Love is disappointment

Allow it


Love sucks

Deal with it


Love is sad

Cry with it


Love is hope

Pray for it


Love is sick

Go beyond it


Love is life

Honor it


Love is over

It is never over


Love is death

Surrender to it


Love is you and I

Cherish it!

Love, Jan