Dance It, Speak it, Poet




"Empowerment Wellness"
I don't have to receive into my body anyone's critical answers, responses or remarks
To me or about me or anyone else!
As I let go!
And love myself and others into good health!
"Fingers--Stand and Reach"
Everyone has a story that is heartbreaking
God stands us up
To keep going again
Stand up and reach!
"I Smelled Your Universe"
I smelled your universe
As I travel slowly thru
I see more of me
More of you!
"In Paradise Now"
If you have survived a nightmare of any kind
You are in paradise now!
"God is Smiling At You!"
Breathe in white
And see the light
Breathe in God's increase
And feel serenity and peace
Look up at the blue
God is smiling at you!
"March Springs"
March springs in2 action
In2 friendships
Our purpose
A kiss on the lips
New kiss
'A Dash of Fairy Dust"
A dash of fairy dust
A pinch of moon flower
A teaspoon of pixie sparkles
And some rays of colorful light
Every hour!
"Soul Ties"
When it comes to love or friendship
It is a mutual feeling
True connections don't have to 
They flow
Some have chemistry
Some have passion
Some are supportive
Some just know!
Some are from past connections
that are undeniable
Some are destiny
Some are a short time
Some are longer
Some are so reliable
They usually make us stronger
Our soul ties!
It is part of us
They may come and go
But they are forever
This is so!
"The Heart Chakra"
The heart chakra
It will rock ya
Take good care of it
It is powerful
Yet delicate
It is a love beat
Passion it will meet
It has an emotional way
Wishing you love and happiness
For this March Madness Gladness Day!
"Life is Glad"
Keep the good
Get rid of the not so good
Do good
Be good
You are good!
All is well
Let go of strife
Do well
Be well
You are well!
Keep the good
Get rid of the mad
Do well
Be well
You are well
Life is glad!!
Happy March Madness Gladness Month!
Love, Jan