By Jan Drake Bakke


'In thoz split seconds
of total freedom
We remember eternity!"
"Glitter Hiway"
Travel on glitter hiway
The road that sparkles hope
God's shiny freeway
Into the land of I will cope!
"A New Song"
A loss is hard to recover
And bringing oneself to a new life to discover
Starting again
Continuing along
Doors open and life is a new song!
Be gentle and kind to yourself
As your new life begins
Allow yourself as much time as it takes
Rushing never wins!
Time passes by and the pain is less
Yet still there are days that the tears will flood and you feel like a mess
Not a day goes by that you don't miss your dear ones that have crossed
But you also know they are alive and well and loving you
They are not lost!
It's a new life and a new day 
and you are always among
 your beloved family and friends
in spirit as they are with you 
while you create your life a new song!
"You Are--In honor of Ryan Adragna"
A wretched event
As death pounced
Upon him suddenly
To earth's finish line
He knowing instinctly of it
Yet planning his destiny with his love
His soulmate
To instead, leaving behind 
a legacy of love, 
of divinity
Inspired and moving to heaven's gate!
A healer
A man
A father
A son!
A lover
A friend
A colleague
A brother
A divine one!
You were ours
You are his
You are hers
You are!
It has been a very intense and emotional time this last  month of this year for me and for many others that I know. One of my dear friends had suddenly passed away within a day and bringing us all in shock and terrible sadness. Especially for his family as well. Ryan Adragna. He was my partner on our radio show "Enter the Light" on the Sacred Embers network headed and created by DC Love. This just happened on May 15, 2019.  I still am having a hard time with it as all of us are. We are all together though and grieving together. It is very comforting. We, his close friends, family, followers and fans. He was an exceptional healer and empath psychic. One of the most gifted I have ever known and met. I was very lucky and honored to work with him for so long. We worked so very well and easily together. As any of the other psychics who worked with him did as well. A very kind and very generous person. He touched many and gave hope, love, healing, laughter, gentleness, and always a kind word with one of his expressions and sayings that warmed  our hearts. To so many all over the world. He wanted to help anyone who needed it. "OOOOOOOHHHHHSSSAAAAHHHH" was one of his very famous expressions that he gave to all of us for feeling better and calming down or whatever one wanted to feel for being uplifted.  We will never forget him. We all say thank you to him! God bless you Ryan!
Also this month of June 2019 is my wedding anniversary with my long time boyfriend of 17 years and now husband of 7 years already, Steve.  June 30, 2012 was our wedding and it was  eight months after my brother Bruce's death. We had the Memorial on the same day right before our wedding ceremony. I will write about this another time. I have it saved for another column. 

I wish you all a wonderful month of June. It is summer! Happy Day!

"Love Is"
Love is ecstatic
Enjoy it
Love is challenging
Have patience with it
Love is disappointment
Allow it
Love sucks
Deal with it
Love is sad
Cry with it
Love is hope
Pray for it
Love is sick
Go beyond it
Love if life
Honor it
Love is death
Surrender to it
Love is you and I
Cherish it!
( I remember reading this poem a few times on our radio show with Ryan and not knowing that soon he would be gone)❤️
"Hubby's Money" (My husband's fave poem)
Good morning dudt!
How are you honey?
Go get your coffee
And leave me some money!
A good morning kiss
A hug for you
Do you want oatmeal or eggs?
A couple of twenty's will do!
Have a good day
I shall miss you, I will
Drive carefully today my love
Don't forget to leave me a bill!
It's tuesday already
I need to put out the trash
I need to do laundry
Will you give me some cash?
We need water and other things
I know I am a pecking hen
Honey, I love you please leave me a ten!
You do so much for me
You take care of me well
Let me have your wallet
That will be swell!
"Majestic Ecstacy"
Let's drink each others colors
Until we are overwhelmingly in majestic delighting esctacy
of joy and laughter and love
with each other!
"Any of Us--My Love,My Charisma"
And we've poisoned each other in delicious wayz!
And we've sweetened each other 
on some of the most disturbing dayz!
And you
My love
My charisma
I wonder do we
Do we make it?
Or does it stay in alwayz a phaze?
And do we stay in this glorious maze?
Covered in unintentional haze?
"Love Wins"
Where time stops and flow begins
Synchronicity abounds
And love wins!
"Love Is"
Love is a flame
It is a light
It is sometimes fright night
It is sometimes heavenly delight
Love is you and I
We scatter
We cry
We are in synch
We fly!
Love is a nightmare
Of a broken dream
Of hearts and expectations
Love is a hot fudge sunday
A banana split
Of sweet sensations!
Love is a song
A melody of feelings for everything
Love comes along
it is a time to sing!
Love is unexpected
It seeps in a crack
You can't deny it
You are lost and found in its attack!
Love is life
Without it, you are dim
With it you are on top of the world
With her or with him!
"Angelic Airways"
Angelic airways
Flying into eternity
In the heavenly atmospheres
Soaring in delighting gravity
Seeing beyond the veils
In all time
In this divine light sublime!
"To This Life--Random"
None of it is random
Some of it was worked out
before we came here
To this life
God's will
Our will!
"Wise as eagles
Gentle as doves
Keep calm
And carry on!"
Love, Jan