Spokane Chapter of the Keystone Alliance


Dear State Representative,
Washington State should ban gay conversion therapy.
It's 2015 and is still happening here in Washington state. This outdated destructive pseudoscience 'therapy', that believes homosexuality is a disease that needs curing.
So? exposing LGBTQ youth to ice baths, electric shock and nausea drugs is 'therapy'?
Time to remind our elected leaders, this is not the middle ages, we must ban this practice to protect our youth, who are already having difficulty (during their teenage years) finding their identity.
Every reputable health group including the American Medical association and the American Psychological Association, has spoke our against this so called 'therapy'.
Of course not everyone listens the experts. Three states have banned this practice, and so should Washington state.
Pending legislation in Washington state is on hold because of Republican efforts. Let's write our local lawmakers to move forward, and ban this barbaric 'therapy'.
The Keystone Alliance/ Spokane Chapter endorses banning this 'therapy', before it does more harm to our youth.
Our local chapter is looking forward to the upcoming 24th Annual Spokane Pride Festival.


Spokane Chapter of Keystone Alliance's official email is now spokanekeystonealliance@gmail.com