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The Full Moon of September, 2015.


Eclipses are one of the coolest features of the Earth experience. Who or whatever designed this place we live, making the Moon just the right size and distance from the Earth and the Earth just the right size and distance from the Sun so that eclipses can even happen was for sure one of the more brilliant touches. Right up there with Northern lights as far as accessories go, I think.


Not that the designer was without faults, but all of those that I’ve noticed are confined to the human mind. We get way into assigning significance to things we see, and so miss out on appreciating their magnificence.


With regard to the coming eclipse, which happens next Sunday the 27th at 7:50 PM Pacific: I want to invite you to appreciate that you live on a planet that has eclipses. And at the same time, invite you NOT to try to see it as in any way causal in human affairs. Eclipses came first, and we are here to learn to enjoy them.


It’s a funny fact of life that we want more from it. Rather than focusing on the fact that we actually have a body and that it can sense creation, we try to get to heaven. We prefer theorizing about past lives over experiencing this one. We dream up “higher selves” when we’ve already got a perfectly good one. Better always seems to be other. What a strange way to use what time we have!


Myself, I do spend time thinking about human nature. Frequently, about what it is that separates us from the paradise we were born into. Is there some trait that is uniquely human? All things that die struggle to live, I know that. And what is the point of being alive? Is it more than just that another night has passed?


My current theory is that the only thing that makes us uniquely human is our tendency to fantasize about “end times.”


I think that Trees are by far the best living astrologers, and that they’re far too busy enjoying the show that actually exists to spend time thinking about an end to it. I think the Elk, when they gather in the meadow, talk about things like food and sex and the weather, instead of what will happen when they die.


I’ve been seeing all the crazy things people are coming up with about the end of this month. For whatever reason, some people have decided this is going to be a really big time. And maybe you’ve found yourself getting caught up in the game.


Well, just remember, the Earth is a bit more than 4 billion years old. I think there have been “Blood Moons” before. Thousands of them. The only reason this one seems significant to you is because it is happening during YOUR lifetime! It is no more significant than the last eclipse, and you can’t even remember when that happened, can you.


If, in your lifetime, you are working with planets in the early degrees of cardinal signs, then this eclipse could have some impact on you. But that “impact” is simply asking you to drop your pretensions of grandeur. It’s just asking you to be here. If you’re having trouble with that, let’s get together for a reading.


In the meantime: all non-human life will be enjoying this eclipse because of what it says about the creator, instead of what it says about doom. I invite you to join that party.


With Love,


If 3D is not enough for you, close your eyes.

Thank you,

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