By Jennielee Umholtz 


Well Ladies and Gents I do hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for all the gifts in my life. I hope you all ate till you were stuffed like the turkey. Haha ok well lets just get jump right in.

Dear Jenna,

Can you tell me why the "straight people" of the
world can easily accept Lesbians than Gay Men? I
researched some and find that some Straight Men
really get turned on with 2 ladies "going at it"!
And why do some "gay men" think they have to have
a "fag hag" to get by in the "gay world"?

~Just Wondering~

Dear Just Wondering,

This is a really good question and I will try to help as best as I can. The whole lesbian gay male thing is a question that will never really be answered. There are so many people in this world that will have a different view and opinioin on this subject.

But I have taken this question to some straight people, lesbians, and gay males. When it actually comes down to it all depends on your views on love.

What I have noticed is everyone has a different opinion. I have asked Dave who is a straight male what he thought about lesbians and gay males. He explained it like this to me, " Jenna, I don't really care for either of them but if you see two beautiful women going at it you are going to watch. Two males going at it to me is just not something I would chose to watch but if that is what they want then so be it. It is their choice." That is a straight man's point of view.

I also know some gay men that the thought of two women enjoying each other is disgusting and I am sure there are some lesbians that think the thought of two males having sex is the same thing. But the difference is some people are ignorant and have no respect for people in general.

Well I can go on for ever on how different people feel, but what should matter "Just Wondering" is how you feel about yourself. If you love yourself then it shouldn't matter what others think.

Some gay men do not have a "Fag Hag" or a "Fairy Princess" as I call them. To me they are just female friends that are very supportive of everything their friend does in their life. It is your choice of who you have as close friends. In my opinion a Fag Hag is kinda of like an accessory for the gay male.

I hope this has helped a little bit but until next time ladies and gents. Remember to be good because you don't want to make Santa's Naughty list... Even though some may enjoy some naugthy time. Til next time.


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