By Charles Lightwalker

Charles Lightwalker is a medical intuitive, author, and healer. For more information go to the web site: www.thefamilyoflight.com  

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Creating Rituals

“Personal ritual can be defined as a set of actions that you personally determine to be meaningful, undertaken with the conscious intent to become more fully present to yourself and your life….One of the things ritual can help you to do is slow down and remain conscious even while feeling the full impact of your experience (pleasant or unpleasant). It can then help you shift the energy of that experience in a gentle way, which is much easier than trying to fight the experience off or running away from it. But, it takes courage. You need to be willing to do the work of creating the ritual structure and then staying with it even when you’d rather just go to sleep.

1. Make a plan. That involves reading through the rest of the steps and deciding in advance what you will do... for each of them.

2. Create the space….Ask yourself: what do I love? What comforts me? What inspires me?”

3. Set an intention. What do you want and need at this particular time? What would you like to be open to receiving? What would you like to shift to? Name it, and be specific.”

4. Choose an action. In order to choose an action, it helps to look at where you already are. Ask yourself: am I feeling restless? Lethargic? Fearful? Angry? Sad?….After you’ve been very specific and honest about what you are feeling…the next step is to bring in your intention.

5. Release the outcome.

6. re-enter ordinary space.

When the ritual is over, we walk away. The more often we practice creating, embodying, and releasing intention in this way, the easier it will be.

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