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Welcome. I bid you welcome, all you sexy people out there in the dark.

I may have been away for a few weeks. I know you missed me and didn’t forget me. But in my defense, I have been working on raising money for animals in need, as I do all year long. For many years, I have not accepted gifts for my birthdays or holiday or other occasions. Instead, I have requested people take the money they would have spent and donate it to a shelter or rescue to help animals.

Currently, my non-profit corporation The Shadow Organization, is raffling off a $78 pink Vera Bradley purse and a $34 blue/green Vera Bradley Kindle cover. The drawing will tale place Saturday 1 June. Businesses have donated a few fantastic gift certificates for raffles this summer for items like dinners, tattoos, t-shirts, among other things.

And I need to mention, tax-deductible donations can be made safely through PayPal using this email address: theshadoworg@hotmail.com. No amount is too small. Even $5 or $10 adds up and saves lives. So feel free to help, please and thank you.

There is a secret project on which I am currently working, with the help of several wonderful people. It’s a project that, if I am able to bring it to fruition, will help raise money all year long and year after year for animals in need. Keep your legs crossed for me; I’m very excited. I can’t tell you more at this time…because…well…it’s a secret.

Don’t forget, I’ve also been writing. I’ve managed to complete the first third of two separate books so far this year, and there are a few other manuscripts on which I’ve been working this year. Writing many words, but then that’s what I’m best at.

There is also a fantastic interview/article about me in the premiere issue of Interactive Paranormal Magazine, an online magazine. Check it out on the magazine’s website at http://ipmagazine.weebly.com/personal-stories.html  or on my website at http://www.frankebittinger.com/interviews.html. It’s a very intriguing story and I think you will enjoy it.

So many things going on. This could be the best year yet. Keep your legs crossed.

That’s about it for now. I can’t give away too much or the surprise won’t be as great. Be on the look out this Fall.


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