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Victoria Michaels


Local Trans-Advocate Authors Memoir

Beyond Face Value

By Victoria Michaels

South Florida trans-advocate, Rajindra Narinesingh, aka "Rajee", captured media headlines during her disastrous encounter with Oneal Morris who performed numerous botched silicone injections which left her grief-stricken and disfigured — not discouraged or crushed — and empowered to author a new memoir.

Beyond Face Value takes the reader on an incredible journey through Rajee's life that is plagued with negativity that goes far beyond her cosmetic catastrophe and brings light to the immense dilemma's and obstacles of living as a transgender female. Both devastating and inspirational in equal measure, her memoir displays how she personally faced racism, prejudice, ignorance, and tragedy, yet came out victorious as a result.

The book's title was inspired from a few years back when Rajee thought she was receiving medical grade silicone injections to her face, when instead she was injected with a toxic concoction of fix-o-flat tire sealant and cement glue which led to months of excruciating pain, medical complications, and physical and emotional suffering.

Shortly after, Rajee began making appearances on numerous television talk shows both nationally and internationally sharing her shocking true story about muddle facial plastic surgery which seemed "heart-wrenching" and "unbelievable" to a world that already struggles to understand and embrace people who are transgender.


Although many talk show appearances by Narinesingh were platforms to be informative and educate with audiences who received her story with sincere compassion, not all of the media firestorm was as sympathetic or positive. In fact, some of them were tyrannously cruel and merciless.

She was scrutinized across global media and the worldwide Internet which ignited her being labeled ruthless names and atrocious titles such as "Cement Face" — "Chipmunk Cheeks" — and "South Florida's Elephant Woman." A sad reminder that we still live in a world that judges us by exterior beauty which is the uncanny reason why most people seek out plastic surgery to begin with.

Once again, Rajee did not allow the remarks to break her, rather, she utilized them to strengthen her and used the experience to catapult her time and efforts into completing her memoir. In addition, she uniquely and ironically added some of these scrutinizing labels to the cover of the memoir. Bravo Rajindra!

Narinesingh reminds us, "Today's world often thinks of a gift as something materialistic, yet I have authored my personal experiences both good and bad into my personal memoir as a non-tangible gift that I feel very blessed to be able to share with the everyone around the world." She concludes, "In order to keep my story authentic I've visited experiences deep into my past that were extremely painful and unwaveringly honest."

The book is about understanding and recognizing "true beauty." It purpose is to touch it's reader's because all of us at some point in our lives have experienced the disapproval of our parents or peers, bullying at the hands others, ignorant individuals who degrade us, discrimination from society, and other negative events in our lives. It will inspire you to turn these bad situations into something positive and use it as a strength instead of weakness.

Co-Author of Beyond Face Value , Alex Vaughn states,

"The memoir is not just a book about a transgendered woman's hardship, it's also about learning to accept yourself, about forgiveness, about love, and above all else, it is about the strength of your inner self. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are from, "Beyond Face Value" will effect you and will give you the gift of a rare perspective on your life as well as those around you."

Inner beauty is a lovely cliche', but after a life of tragedy, through spiritual enlightenment and prayer, Rajee has beaten the odd's and reached a paramount point in her life where she has found that happiness, beauty, and acceptance is truly Beyond Face Value.

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