~Love Incorporated~

By Rachel Gallagher


I would like to wish everyone HAPPY GAY PRIDE MONTH!!!!!
A few weeks ago I have had the pleasure of attending a Drag Pageant with John DeBartola and Ms Lady Ashley in Pittsburgh, Pa. We arrived on time and as Ms Lady Ashley was getting ready for the pageant, We waited patiently, had a few drinks, and mingled. Well John mingled and I stayed like a little puppy dog at his heels. One because I didn't really know anyone and two because I was nervous and scared. It has been awhile since I have been out in public and well frankly my confidence wasn't the best that night. 

Anyway, I had the great pleasure of seeing Ms Lady Ashley's mom again. I got to talk to her more and get to know her better. This wonderful woman warmed my heart. Never have I seen a Mother so proud of her child. I also had the pleasure of meeting Ms Lady Ashley's father for the first time and her sister for the first time that evening. It was truly a pleasure being able to see how this family showed so much love for each other.

The night went on and the pageant finally ended. Let me just say it was a damn long pageant too!!! There were 10 contestants and it ended just before 2am. On the way home, I was told how the drag queens were not so nice to other drag queens. I know we all hate critics but sometimes the advice is not meant to offend but to help us. Either way, there was a huge fight and screaming and all hell broke loose. Not to mention as the pageant was going on, some random dude tried hitting on Ms Lady Ashley's sister's friend and her dad had to step in. The owner bounced the guy out cause he was totally drunk!

I have noticed that there are some drag queens that have the diva attitude. The funny part to me is the ones that have these diva attitudes are the ones that can't really perform!!! Seriously all get better at your performance and not the diva attitude! These days no one really likes a diva anymore unless you can back that shit up with great performances!

So my questions this month is WHERE IS THE LOVE FOR OUR FELLOW PERSONS? What is up with people saying they want relationships yet only get booty calls? 

Honestly people, don't say you want a relationship when all you seem to do is have random sex with people. It's okay to be single and have random sex just make sure you use protection and get tested. Stop pretending or hiding under the shroud of "oh I wish I had someone or in a relationship,' when in actuality all you want is just random sex.

If you want a relationship with someone I say prove it! To many people are using adult friend finder or grinder for random sex hook-ups. Seriously people you will not find someone who wants a relationship on those sites! Also stop going to bars to find someone! You never know what you are going to get from a bar! Plus who wants someone's sloppy seconds, thirds, fourths and so on when everyone knows who slept with who in a gay bar! You might find that one rare random person in a bar that would be totally worth it to date, ahem like me lol. 

So to end this column, I say stop hiding under a false shroud and SHOW THE LOVE TO OUR FELLOW FRIENDS!!!