By Melinda Ann Bleazer


Memorial Weekend!

With everything that's been going on in my life of late I decided to get out of town over Memorial Weekend. In the wake of my brother's suicide I decided to take my two girls camping in Montana. We left Friday evening and headed to Eureka, Montana a small town near the Canadian border at the foot of the Canadian Rockies. My late Grandma Bernice is buried in the cemetery there. 

We didn't get to the campsite until nearly eleven at night. It's always so much fun stumbling around by the light of lanterns pitching tents. Fortunately our tent is very easy to set up. By the time the tents were up and the car unloaded it was time for bed. So we zipped up our heavy duty sleeping bags and passed out surrounded by the towering mountains. The presence of the Great Spirit is strong in these mountains. Making it an excellent place to seek comfort and solace. Waking up in the mountains surrounded by the rugged beauty of Mother nature has always been the place I go to when I need to recharge my batteries.

The kids and I drove around Saturday morning checking out the various sites in Eureka which were few as Eureka is a very small town. Returning to camp I took a long much needed nap as I am very close to burning completely out. The kids hiked down to the nearby lake and discovered a wealth of rock arrow heads along the banks of the lake.

Sunday morning we got up early and head tp West Glacier Park for the day. We spent the day walking along some very nice paved trails. As well as exploring some mountains streams. I stood in a stream up to my knees in ice cold water. The streams are running high and fast with winter run off. Within a minute or two in the stream your legs and feet are numb from the cold. It was very refreshing. We had a blast and I got a lot of great nature pics. We also visited a little park that has black bears. It's really cool as you drive through the park and there are all these bears running loose no cages. Your car is your cage. I got a lot of pics of the black bears. Unfortunately they don't have any grizzlies as their too aggressive to be roaming around free with cars. We also visited the House of Mystery, which is a famous leaning house where the laws of nature are reversed because the house sits in the center of a vortex. In this house marbles roll uphill instead of downhill. You can lean way over and the force of the vortex will keep you upright. It's really cool! The girls loved it.

Finally on Monday we took a two hour horseback ride through Glacier Park that was beautiful. My horses name was Spirit and believe me he lived up to his name. I had lots of fun keeping him in line. He wanted to eat along the trail so I had to keep his head away from the ground which was a battle. My thanks for this was to have spirit reach back to try to take a bite out of my foot. Tempermental horse. I always get the horse with issues it never fails. The trail ride was a lot of fun but I was so sore I could barely walk to my car afterwards. I'm sure I made quite the picture hobbling to my car. All in all it was a great weekend. The only shadow over the weekend was thoughts of my brother. I still can't really accept that he's gone. None of it seems real right now.

Hope all my readers had good weekends as well.