Up Close and Personal with Brian T 

Some queers have a love/hate relationship with the drag scene and some just downright hate it.  I’ve even listened to the most extreme
complaints about how drag is demeaning to the community and gives anti-gay straights ammunition to make all LGBT people look like super
freaks.  To that I say long live the super freaks and may they reign supreme!   Even though I am not a drag queen myself, many many moons ago
I was known to portray one on cable access TV.   From as far back as I remember, I’ve always felt an affinity with the drag community.  The very
few times I did drag I remember what an intense process it was.  Ultimately I quickly realized it takes great skill and patience to be a true drag
performer not to mention a fierce passion which I did not have.  That’s why I have the utmost respect for drag as a kind of performance art.  Yes
there is sloppy drag we have all seen of a drunk guy in a dress.  That is not art.  To create and maintain a character onstage is not as easy as 1-2-3
look at my big falsies and tucked ballsies.  In the past, I’ve worked with some of the most notable characters on the scene such as Marsha
Mellow and Sharon Needles so I’ve seen firsthand what it takes to be among the larger than life greats.  I also think back to my twink
days where a few kind fairy drag mothers let me perform with them out of drag.  As a singer, I was just thrilled to sing live in front of any
audience to gain experience.  It proved more valuable to me as a performer than anything else.  I’ve performed in talent showcases in major
cities like New York City and Los Angeles to the most ferocious audiences imaginable, but it was the smaller shows in the Pittsburgh bars where
I learned how to face those especially brutal crowds.  I always say that if you aren’t getting read by a drag queen you’re not doing something
right.  They are fiercely competitive but with a fun loving spirit to keep you striving to do your best.  I’ve been fortunate enough to work
with some of the legendary queens through the years on various projects.  That’s why I feel honored to be a judge for The 5th Annual Miss
Keystone Alliance Pageant on September 14th at 8PM at the Holiday Inn of Downtown Johnstown.  I predict it will be the event of the year so
hope to see you all  there!  

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