~In The Name And Way of Su’ganni ~

By Su’ganni Tiuza


How Can An Imprisoned Bi-Sexual Speak On Morality?

 How can you tell me not to do drugs and drink liquor? How can you tell me not to murder, rape, molest, rob, or steal? How can you speak on righteousness? You’re gay or as you say Bi-sexual.” So how can you as a Bi-sexual speak on morality?

 These are the indirect talks that are said behind my back. Due to prevalent belief being that homosexuals (any type of homosexual) are indecent, immoral, wretched, trifling, and unsavory people. Not to mention that many hetro’s think that when a gay person speak to them or someone else they think we’re trying to get them in bed. Especially hetero-men.

 Well I can go on and on, on, how can a heterosexual speak on morality yet that’s neither my style nor a topic I would waste precious time getting into. So yes I use to be in the street life banging and chasing money. Yes currently and temporarily I’m serving two life sentences for felony-murder in prison. Yes I’m a very handsome Black Man that like women and certain men. Yet there’s an issue because the same publishing company I have my hand in running is publishing my Manifesto and Message-book, titled “Legit Money For Survival and Staying Out of Prison,” and “Message To all The Open and Undercover Gay People,” By: Su’ganni A.U.L Tiuza (me). A issue because a Bi-sexual man is speaking on morality? More importantly living off the principles that’s in my Manifesto and Message-book.

 So my friends, hetero and homosexual, I can speak on morality due to the Five Principles I live by which are wealth, love, loyalty, honor, and supremeness. I do not ask for certain equality I earn certain equality. I speak on morality because I see so many people lacking morals. Killing for money and killing due to different religions. Selling drugs and betraying for money. Conning and pimping for money. Lying and stealing. Of course I’m going to articulate what I see and experienced with the motive of transforming these people into legitimate thinking and acting.

 I’m surrounded by these types of people. If I wasn’t a pretty decent fighter that consistently work out and now training in martial arts I would perhaps have problems. If I didn’t live by the Five Principles I’ll perhaps have problems. Which mean guys in here would not have seen my substance as a conscious man? Yes there are some unbelievers of homosexuals having morality, yet perhaps my ways and actions will change that. If not I will still propagate my principles.

 So to answer the question of how can an imprisoned bisexual (or non-imprisoned homosexual) speak on morality? By being the example of what morality is. Being true to self and others. Honesty, being reliable, and possessing other glorious traits. Being serious about what you do and have others see you as a serious person. Speak through your ways and actions, and people will hear.

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