Dark Rituals

By Seth Gator

Chapter 3: A Failed Attempt:

Four days have passed since Thespis had taken over and already things were improving. The tents that dotted the land were replaced by stone foundations for houses Thespis was smiling for his father would be proud but his smile was quickly replaced by a frown as the elders were approaching him. The oldest one stepped forward and said in a scornful tone “who do you think you are that you think you can just take control of everything?”
Thespis just stared at them while another approached him and said in a more calm tone “besides you have just become a man only four days ago”
Thespis remained calm and finally spoke in a harsh tone “ I have done nothing but better this clan since I took over,you were only worried about pleasing the other clans I’m not a tyrant I just want whats right for my people now walk back to your tent and call a meeting of the elders or I do it!”
Thespis turned around and walked over to a table were Rayne was looking over a map Thespis looked over her shoulder and realized she was marking XS on it “what is this” he asked Rayne smiled and turned to him"these are stops were human trading carts will settle, I say we kill them and take the gold and supplies” Thespis nodded he looked over the map and seen that one of the carts were by the DAR'en mountains main home of the Dwarfs.
Thespis turned to see a man running up the road swing his arms back and forth like a cursed lunatic and screaming ,he then realized it was his general Zegon he ran as fast as he could and stopped in front of Thespis.
Before he could speak soldiers started to march straight towards were he was standing they stopped mid way and split into two lines then a man on a horse approached Thespis “good day” Thespis said in a sarcastic tone the man looked at him and yelled
“We put up with you knife ears setting up tents but we will not let you start building a town!” Thespis looked at him and calmly said “we wouldn't have to build a town if you didn’t take are other ones” the man's face stiffened and he was just about to say something when he seen the pile of dead Templar bodies getting buried Thespis smirked then said,
“I suggest you move out of here right now or you and your precious soldiers will be joining them.” the man scowled but turned his horse around and ordered his men to move out , he stopped and spoke harshly “This isn't over knife ears.”
Thespis nodded then said “general you dropped something” he turned around only to have a knife stick into his neck and spray blood all over the ground he tried to say something but fell off his horse the soldiers turned to see the man drop. They then unsheathed their swords as the next thing they knew they were swarmed by elves and a folly of raining arrows. The soldiers were all killed in minutes and their bodies were put with the pile. Rayne walked up to Thespis and chuckled “Guess they didn’t leave fast enough.” Thespis turned to look at her “Nope, now lets go, I have caravans to steal.” Rayne nodded and they walked back to the table were Zegon was waiting for them Thespis walked up to him and put his hand on his shoulder and spoke in a serious tone “While I'm gone your in charge.” Zegon nodded and said “When you return you will have a city to return to, you have my word.”
Part 2 Chapter 1
     The first line of men were dropped by the elven archers while others were struck down by the wrath of elven swords but one thing was for sure the Templar’s were losing. Elves are faster then humans and trained better with a sword but the humans have more warriors then the clans. The ground was soaked with blood some of it elven but most of it human Thespis smacked a man in the face with the pommel of his sword and stunned the warrior then decapitated him then he turned to see two large cages being rolled up the road .When they opened them two figures stepped out of the cages one about 7 ft tall the other 6 ft but they had they the appearance of demons, they were made entirely from stone they had chain collars around there necks and a Templar was whipping them to make them angry “so that’s how they win” Thespis thought to himself.
     One of the stone beast let out a roar and grabbed a hold of its cruel master and ripped him in half exposing his insides and he threw each piece at the Templar’s the other picked up one of the cages and started crushing the Templar's. The remaining humans retreated into the woods.The elves took advantage of the flee and started shooting them in the back. The stone creatures turned and looked at the elves they walked up to them staring down when a man name Zegon looked up at the stone beats and thanked them for their help.
They nodded then turned. They unfolded their huge wings and jumped into the air.
     Thespis stood there with his mouth open stunned by the events that just took place. Zegon turned around and shouted to the 30 or so survivors “consider yourselves lucky, you have just seen two gargoyles and you live to tell about it!.”


     In the lands of Ninaru the forest was full of elves the seas full of mermaids and the skies full of dragons they didn’t evolve like the rest of life they were already intelligent. Other creatures roamed the world but none showed any threat of evolving but in a century a very young race which they called man appeared they were like little children. They studied from the elves. When they became smart enough they built pyramids and formed government but they also performed dark rituals and fused animals and people together giving them the head of an animal but the body of man.
Then they became smarter and started to build better cites,they had arenas and slaved each other to watch their own fight to the death. They established religion and built churches, they became rowdy and forgot their roots. They believed that their God gave them the power to do anything they wanted as long as it was in his name,they gave themselves a name, that name was Catholic. They then called the other races pagans . A few years later they built tall castles and had kings and they looked down upon the others. They raided cities in the name of their God, slaughtered thousands but the others dealt with it, for they believed peace was going to be restored. But alas man conquered almost everything therefore forcing the others to fight back!!

The stone beast:
     Thespis was a just a child when the humans marched upon his village and killed his father and half the people living there. Now is the day, he has come to age and like everyday he went back to the spot were his father was struck down.
     Thespis sighed and stared at the ground then looked towards the sky it was gray but the sun was shining through the trees. Thespis fixed his tunic and started to walk back towards his camp were his mother was waiting for him at the edge of the woods, she greeted him with a smile and took him by the arm and they started towards the center of the camp were the whole clan gathered and awaited for the sacred ritual. Also becoming of age that day was Rayne her father was also killed and her and Thespis's were both hidden from the humans together and became best friends.
Everyone stopped talking when he arrived then the elders walked up to them and Thespis got on one knee Rayne quickly followed, neither of them moved ,the oldest elder stepped forward and placed his hands on each of there heads and then spoke
     “Thespis, Rayne when you rise you will have entered into adult hood may you seek happiness in life for you are no longer children.....now rise” they both rose and turned to the rest of clan has they cheered and clapped they both bowed and exchanged gestures to with the clan then the feast started.
     Thespis took Rayne aside and said in a excited tone”we are finally adults don’t you remember when we talked about this day” Rayne smiled “I d ....” she was interrupted by the sound of hooves and screaming.
     Thespis face stiffened and he muttered under his breath as people started to run and scream most of the elves ran into the forest while others stayed behind to fight. Then the path from the camp was filled with soldiers with red crosses on their tunics and on their shields their chain mail was covered with blood of their victims and they had an icy cold look in their eyes.
     Some of the elven men seemed frightened but Thespis was just too angry to be scared. While the catholic warriors lined up a man in the back started to scream to them.
     “these are the enemies of God because you are Templar’s you are to remove this stain from God's world for they are the work of Lucifer and will corrupt every end of the earth.”