By Christian Diane


My 81st Column

I had a calm and relaxing Memorial Day at work. The cats are doing fine and behaving themselves. I have a new one called Sunshine. He greets me every nite at the door and took to the litter box like a pro. He had lived outside for the last few months. I couldn’t resist bringing him once he was fixed. I can’t believe that someone threw him out. He is semi-blind in one eye due to an eye infection. Sunshine is loveable nonetheless.

I am tired of picking up other people’s trash. I constantly pick up after customers and other employers at work. We have a trash can at every register. Every morning, I have to put trash into the can from under the register. Every week, I have to pick up garbage from in front of my house. People leave Sheetz and throw away trash in the yard and on the sidewalk. They do the same across the street at the park even though there are trash cans. I do it backstage at shows because queens can’t return drink glasses or put stuff in the garbage.

I am tired of promises being made and never kept by people. I’m still waiting on promises made after the house fire. If you don’t intend on following thru, stop making them.

I am in the market for new Sneakers. I will be buying either Reebox or Strechers. No Nikes for me. I saw Nike donated $1 million in shoes and clothing to the tornado victims in Oklahoma. Was that retail, wholesale, or at cost? Cash would have been more beneficial. Those people need food and water and a place to live. They don’t need running shoes and track suits. It’s too late to run. How about help with rebuilding the schools and their homes?

I am tired of politicians making promises they can’t keep. PA State Rep Brian Sims confirmed 6 months ago to be at the Spirit Award on Thursday June 13th in Johnstown. He basically blew us off for a summit at Nike in Oregon. He is being paid to do this. He didn’t have the balls to call John directly and work out another arrangement. It was in an impersonal email with a “I’m sorry”. There was no offer to reschedule or even send an aide or someone else to represent him. I swear this man is all about the money and celebrity and not the job he was elected to do. He pulled a “Kitty” if you ask me. Ditch you as soon and when a better offer comes along. Anyway, PA State Rep Mike Fleck will be showing up to accept his award proudly. PA State Senator John Woziank will be giving the keynote speech. I hope some of you can show up and see a real politician in action to help the GLBT community.

I can’t wait to go to Pittsburgh on Sunday, June 16th to celebrate Gay Pride. We will be marching with the contestants from the 1st Miss Pittsburgh Public Access TV Pageant. I want to thank Philip Bayush and his partner, Eric for everything they will be doing in advance. People are, still, talking about last year’s dragon. I expect another brilliant surprise this year. I do hope we have all our current title holders from Thea Trix, Miss Gaylife Newsletter 2013-2014, Lady Ashley LaRocca, Miss Keystone Alliance 2012-2013, to Diana Ross, Miss Gaylife 2013-2014 and Miss Gaylifetime. Of course, all previous titleholders to any up and coming queens as well as friends of the KA/GN are invited to join us in this year’s Pride Celebration.

The KA/GN will be doing a summer show on Friday, July 26th in Johnstown. I wish to thank Lady Ashley, Tricky Lain, Coco Bongo, and the House of Cardz, Adyllah and Aneda, for helping sponsor this show. As our money is limited, it makes one proud to have my sisters do this act of generosity. It shows that when you do good you so get repaid many times over. Thank you to you all. As always, it will be at the Downtown Johnstown Holiday Inn. There will be 10 different performers.

As we keep having successful shows, I realize why they (The Queens) don’t want us in Pittsburgh. One big name had 8 performers and 6 people in attendance. A recent Pittsburgh pageant managed to pull in 25 people between two floors. I don’t know how they do it. The shows have to lose money but they keep booking the same queens. I don’t understand. When I was in Florida, we would have cleaned house by now.

Recently, The KA/GN received a complaint about my column. The author of the complaint then withdrew the right for us to print their name but I am answering the complaint nonetheless. I was accused in this complaint of not keeping gay pride alive.

I have lent my support to Shepherd Wellness, Community Care Management of the Conemaugh Hospital in Johnstown, The Aids Intervention Project of Home Nursing Agency in Altoona to name a few. I have done numerous benefits to help with one’s funeral expenses to helping rescue abandoned animals. I have dealt with and supported politicians on GLBT issues. There has been AIDS/HIV testing done to circulate petitions to support same-sex marriage. Do I need to mention more that I have done to keep Pride alive? When your record matches mine we will talk. I have written my congressman on issues for the elderly from social security to medicare.

Have you ever noticed the “Haters” of the KA/GN never mention the good and positive things we have done over the years? It would be easier to hide my head in the sand and ignore the problems within the GLBT community. Instead, I choose to shine a light on the dark underbelly of our community. It is easy to criticize someone until you walk in their shoes.

I do want to thank this person for giving me the inspiration to keep on writing. For every one negative comment I get, I receive 100’s more commending me on a job well done. If you are so disgusted, why do you keep following and reading the KA/GN? Is it your guilty leasure? I do want to thank you for emailing us on a Saturday night at midnight ten days after my column came out. Was it a Wiccan thing on a full moon? I was privileged and honored to receive your opinion.

In closing, The KA/GN, Johnny and myself invite you to be a guest columnist. You can write about lollipops and gumdrops. I would love to hear about rainbows, puppies, and unicorns. If you are truly want things to change, become a regular columnist, submitting columns twice a month. Come march with us in Pittsburgh on June 16th to show us your Pride. Ultimately, become a contestant in the Miss Keystone Alliance Pageant. If you win, you could use it as a platform to promote your views and values and offer up a solution to everything.

Again, I thank this person for each and every one of their concerns and comments over the years. I do wonder if you got the occasional booking if your attitude would change? Remember this, you could always stop reading and talking about us if you are disgusted. Again, my column has caused a debate that, in turn, will help us be a bigger and better organization one gay at a time.

Congratulations to Robbie Rogers. He is the first openly gay male to be playing in a US professional league. He made his debut on Sunday, May 26th with soccer’s L.A. Galaxy. Look out David Beckman. Oops, Beckman has left the building and the sport. Another thing to be proud of for gay pride.

Lastly, my prayers go out to the friends and family on the death of drag sensation Kiarra Carter Fontaine.

Hugs and Kisses,

Christian Diane

Miss Keystone Alliance Eternal

Humanitarian Of the Year 2013-2014

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