The Switch Hitter Romance Series

By John A. DeBartola


Sammie and the Tree

It is so unfortunate that there are those out there that see the indulgence of things such as drugs as purely recreational when it is really more hesitation, more invitational, an invitation to their own insanity, to their own confusion, to their own downfall of going into their delusions.

For drugs as we all know can take us out of this reality but where does it put us? Does it put us in a world that has no friends? Does it put us in a world to where we do not see how we hurt and give pain to those that we love that are around us?

And it is really unfortunate when that can occur among the Les girls who have those affairs. For we don’t need drugs to know where we are at but there are some of those that think that is where it is at. It isn’t and even if you’re a Switch Hitter and play on a team it doesn’t mean you need to be friends with those that seem to be in drugs and things that are not cool really in this scene.

You shouldn’t put down crazy people because they might look an awful lot like yourself. You certainly should not be down on people who seem strange or maybe weird. If you have looked in the mirror you may see your doing it to yourself.

Hey, remember that in the mist of chaos when everything swirls around that there are those of us that stand and stand and continue to stand in the truth of who we are. We can be battered from left to right by straights and gays alike but we stand and stand as firm as we can be even though we are being bashed about we know the truth can set us free.

For those of them that don’t have a life perhaps getting one could be a good idea. If you can’t seem to get a life maybe you can rent one for a while to see what it is like. If you can’t do that because you’re really down and out and we do not take Visa or Mastercard as you can see, the best way to charge ahead and to keep yourself so your still debt free is to face the truth and see what’s there and call up Johnny and say, “ Please, let me be square. Let me tell the truth. Let me set myself free. Let me tell the world, yes, I know what an asshole, yes, it’s me”.

Within the mist of confusion pardon my intrusion but the time for truth as alert has appeared. I stand real firmly in the dirt right here and like a Tree I begin to grow stronger and stronger each moment I grow.

And as the time is seems to disappear the moments go by as quick as can be, I see the Newsletter waving in front of me. There are those that wish to bring it down, to tear it apart, erase it from town. To ruin the group, to make it disband, to get rid of the leader but have they got a plan?

So the Tree stands as strong as can be with roots real deep as it watches and sees. The flag is still there as strong as can be but are those underneath the ground like weasels and wossels and whatever’s you see that try to weaken the ground below the flag and even below the Tree.

But can they win if all of us see the truth is stronger than those that lie and cheat and do drugs and know that in their hearts they are nothing but the slinkiest and slightest types of bugs. So off of the rooftops some will shout, “Don’t give these bugs even a doubt!”

For they are squirrelly and squishes you see but if we feed them what will they do to thee? I say we stand firm and strong. Let the flag fly high with all it’s might, let the Tree stand tall just in spite.

All around the fields and around the forest too the fire rages and rages loud and loud and clear too. And as the fire approaches the Tree that seems to stand it almost is as though there is magic around that part of the land. For the fire rages and rages but the Tree is simply not touched. It stands so firm with dignity and strength that you wonder and wonder what upon this earth can be so strong is sees that even when the fire rages loud and destroys the land surrounding the Tree stands as firm, as firm as can be. Just like I said, as though there is magic, magic surrounding that very Tree, standing strong in all it’s delight, standing firm in the truth that it knows it’s of the light.

So now that the fire has raged and gone out the Tree sits there, no doubt. But now it is time for the gardener, horticulturist, to come forth to plant the flowers and other things near the Tree to take care of the land around thee.

And though the gardener is oh so sweet there are times as when she is doing her work there are those things that seem to leak, of thoughts and things of what there might be, secrets that maybe she would tell about the Tree. It leaks on out to those who are close but does it leak out to the most? And does it leak out in a way that is sane? And does it leak out in a way you can put it in the right sort of frame? So you can really see is it truth or is it in between?

There are those that look at things and wonder what goes on behind the scenes. Is the producer, the director and is the show’s premier queen all are sleeping together? Or is it just rumors behind the scenes?

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